If you have won a prize from WKST-FM, WWSW-FM, WDVE-FM, WBGG-AM, WXDX-FM or WPGB-FM, you are able to pick up your prize at our office located at:
200 Fleet Street           
Pittsburgh, PA 15220                     
We are open Monday-Friday from 10a-5:30p for prize pickup.  We are never open on weekends.
The actual winner of the prize must claim the prize at our office and must show that they are the winner by proof with a valid ID.  No third party persons may claim the prize under any circumstances.  iHeartMedia does not mail any prize to any winner.   
Winners have up to 30 days to pick up their prize upon notification of winning it.  After those 30 days are up, the winner then forfeits their prize if they have not yet claimed it.

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