Show Members Give Listener Jacob $900 After Conversation On The Phone

Listener Jacob called into The Bobby Bones Show and left a voicemail. He shared with the show that he was really bummed after being let go from a job that he loved. The job situation happened because of the current state with the coronavirus.

So Bobby Bones decided to give him $100 as a present to Jacob for Bones birthday. Amy said earlier in the show that she would match any donations Bones made today (April 2) to help celebrate his birthday so she donated $100 as well. Then Bones upped the money to Jacob another $150, so Amy did as well. Then Lunchbox, Eddie, Morgan2, and Mike D all decided to give $100 as well to Jacob. Collectively, the show gave Jacob $900 to lift his spirits in an otherwise really difficult time.

The moment made everyone smile, including Jacob who was speechless and couldn't stop thanking the show.

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