The Office!

So we just started watching the Office on Netflix ( me and Kate) - We love it, not sure why we didnt watch it when it was on, but we didnt ( that said I am watching Cheers now too )  

With all the rumors about an Office reboot happening you would think Steve Carell hosting Saturday Night Live would be the perfect place to address the rumors and Carell FINALLY did during his opening monologue!

During the monologue, Carell had audience members ask him any question they wanted to and it turned out that the only thing people cared about was if Carell's iconic character, Michael Scott, would be making a return!

Not only did Kenan and a random audience member ask about it, but Carell's former cast-mates Ellie Kemper, Ed Helms, and Jenna Fischer were there as well!

Check out Steve Carell's response below and maybe get ready for an Office reboot?

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