Top Christmas Movies In Each State

The #1 Christmas movie overall is "Gremlins".  It's #1 in seven states . . . Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas.

"Trading Places" is #1 in PA!  

And the biggest SNUB is "It's a Wonderful Life", which didn't snag the top spot in ANY of the 50 states . . . even though it's a more traditional Christmas movie.

"Home Alone" is #1 in six states . . . Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, Ohio, and Illinois, where it was filmed.

"Die Hard" took the top spot in four states . . . Missouri, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. 

"Trading Places" is also #1 in four states . . . Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 

"Scrooged" is #1 in three states . . . "Batman Returns" also won three states . . . "Edward Scissorhands" took two states . . . and "A Christmas Carol" also won two states. 

(It's not clear if they mean the 2009 version with Jim Carrey, or one of the older versions.)

Several popular Christmas movies only got one state: 

. . . "A Christmas Story" is #1 in Delaware.

. . . Kentucky is the only state where "Elf" took the top spot.

. . . Massachusetts was the one state where you can't escape "Love Actually".

. . . Idaho is the only state where "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" is #1.

. . . New Mexico is the only state where "The Nightmare Before Christmas" placed first.

. . . and "Miracle on 34th Street" took the top spot in Maryland.

A few UNEXPECTED movies did make the list though . . .

The top Christmas movie in Mississippi is "The Best Man Holiday" from 2013 . . . in Utah, it's the 1995 Sandra Bullock movie, "While You Were Sleeping" . . . in West Virginia, it's "The Ref" starring Denis Leary . . .

(Check out the full list of all 50 states at

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