Apparently men are a little more comfortable with PDA than women.

A recent survey on "public displays of affection" asked more than 2,000 people what's okay and what isn't. And in general, men were more likely to say it's fine. At least once you get past first base territory.

Here are five types of PDA and how many people think it's acceptable . . .

1. Holding hands, 92% think it's fine. That includes 90% of men and 93% of women.

2. Hugging, 90%. 89% of men, and 90% of women.

3. Kissing without tongues, 68%. 75% of men, and 62% of women.

4. Kissing WITH tongues, only 15% think it's okay. 20% of men, and 9% of women.

5. Heavy petting, just 4%. 6% of men, and 2% of women.   (Do people even still say "heavy petting"?)

2% of people in the survey said NO amount of PDA is acceptable. 

( YouGov )

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