Amazon Prime Day 7/15

Amazon Prime Day is July 15th.

Just as you would not buy everything sold in stores on Black Friday, you need to adapt a similar approach to Prime Day.

Here are the things you should AVOID purchasing on Amazon Prime Day:

1. Grills:You will find more aggressive deals around July 4 and Labor Day.

2. Large appliances:Home Depot and Lowe'shave better deals nowand Labor Day.

3. Toys: These deals are always at their lowest prices in the days before Christmas.

4. Apple products:With a few exceptions like thisBeats by Dre sale, Apple deals are better in November from Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

5. Back-to-school supplies: These deals are at lower prices toward the end of July and you will save about 10% more if you can wait.

Also here are the BEST Prime Day purchases:

1. Bedding.

2. Small tech and headphones.

3. Amazon Echo Devices and Fire Tablets.

4. Small appliances and robo vacs.

5. Household essentials.

6. Smartphone accessories.

7. Digital downloads and multimedia.

8. TVs and large tech.

(King 5)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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