10 Seconds Every Day - Hug!

My wife HATES to hug :( I love hugs... And hugging for 10 seconds each day is good for your marriage!!

This might be the closest thing to a hug...

Here is why hugging is important - source and entire article is HERE!

Why hugging is essential in a relationship

1. Hugs release the 'cuddle hormone'

Our bodies release this chemical called oxytocin which is what makes us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. This chemical is often released when we have a physical bond or connection with someone, and it is especially potent when we hug our loved ones.

It is a nurturing act that seems to make all of our problems melt away, with long hugs and cuddling being particularly good for our health.

2. Hugs create an intimate bond

Part of any romantic relationship involves being vulnerable and open with each other, and part of that process of letting someone in is creating intimate bonds driven by physical touch.

As one of the key factors of expressing intimacy, hugging promotes sexual desire for that person and naturally increases testosterone levels. By hugging your partner not only are you literally bringing each other closer together, your connection becomes emotional as much as it is physical.

3. Hugs can help resolve issues

The last thing you feel like doing is hugging your partner after being cross with them or having an argument, but there are studies that prove hugging after conflict can help resolve it faster.

Our pride can get the better of us sometimes and in relationships we are bound to have the “I’m always right” cap on during a row. By hugging each other, you put pride aside and connect, bringing you back to reality and being grateful for having someone to argue with in the first place.

4. Hugs can take away pain

We often hug our partner if they’ve had a bad day at work, get physically injured or when they are experiencing emotional hardship, and there’s a reason for that! Hugging can help alleviate pain in many ways, whether it be physical, mental or emotional pain they are suffering.

Embracing someone who is hurting—in their heart, mind or body—promotes circulation which helps remove pain peptides while increasing oxytocin which combats stress. Hugging is also a great distraction when it comes to being in pain as the comfort and touch of your partner can allow solitude, so you are concentrating on the hug itself.

5. Hugs can de-stress you

Speaking of stress levels and oxytocin, it can help fight infections and certain illnesses that we are more susceptible to due to increased cortisol. By decreasing your stress levels with regular hugging, you’re also more likely to perform better during performance such as playing sports, performing for an audience, and public speaking.

While hugs help lower our heart rates and cortisol levels, they can also be helpful if you’re experiencing mental illness or existential discomfort. Embracing your partner can offer a sense of physical security that is happening in real time, which can help bring you back to reality and decrease anxiety.

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