Men Can Smell If A Woman Is Turned On?!

According to a new study, men can actually SMELL when a woman is turned on.

For the study, researchers at the University of Kent in England had women work up a sweat on an exercise bike . . . and then had them watch SEXY stuff or very UN-SEXY stuff.

The women who got the "sexy" option did things like watchingChanning Tatumdance in"Magic Mike". . . read portions of"Fifty Shades of Grey". . . and looked at 20 photos of people literally having sex.

The women who got the "un-sexy" option did things like watching videos of bridges being built . . . watching videos of unattractive people dancing . . . and reading a story about knitting.

The researchers swabbed some sweat from the women in both groups. Then they had men smell the different swabs and ask them which they preferred.

And the men pretty much ALWAYS picked the sweat from the women who were turned on. Which means, yeah, men can SMELL when a woman's aroused. Now you know. 

(New York Post)

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