Eric Church New Song

Everyone has a favorite, right? Well mine is Eric Church! He put out a new song today called "Crazyland"!

In a recent radio interview, Church said the idea for this quietly acoustic ballad came to him in a dream. “I actually dreamed the chorus of the song, and I woke up and I wrote it down, and then I ended up writing the rest of the song to the chorus. I guess when you get to a creative point, you get in the groove like that,” Church said, adding with a laugh, “I was crazy at the time, so, you know.”

After that dream, Church penned the new tune with Luke Laird and Michael Heeney, and recorded it along with 27 other songs during a music-making retreat in the mountains of North Carolina. “Crazyland” is one of the first few singles off Church’s upcoming record.

Also make sure you check out "Stick That In Your Country Song " and "Bad Mother Trucker " both new songs from Eric Church

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