Working From Home Wishlist

I sucked at working from home. But some of you are thriving with it ... Do you agree with this list that NY Post came up with??

Top “work from home wishlist” items

  1. Peace and quiet: 38 percent
  2. Reliable internet connection: 38 percent
  3. High-quality headphones/headset for taking calls: 36 percent
  4. Ergonomic chair: 30 percent
  5. The ability to print as much and as often as I would like: 29 percent

Most popular home office purchases since working from home

  1. Pens: 77 percent
  2. Notebooks/legal pads: 74 percent
  3. Sticky notes: 74 percent
  4. Printer paper/pencils: 74 percent
  5. Paper clips: 73 percent


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