Most Charitable States for 2021

.WalletHub wanted to see which states were especially benevolent, so it examined stats from all 50, looking at key metrics in two main categories: volunteering and service, which includes not only volunteer rates and hours put in, but also high school community service requirements and the number of people who help out their neighbors; and charitable giving, which includes donating money, as well as public charities per capita and search-engine interest for "charitable donations"

Here is a list of the Top 10 mo

The top 10:

  1. Utah
  2. Minnesota
  3. Maryland
  4. Oregon (No. 1 in the "Volunteering and Service" category)
  5. Ohio
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. Virginia
  8. North Dakota
  9. Maine
  10. Colorado

Checkhereto see how other states rank.

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