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Someone Bought A $3.99 Vase At Goodwill - Then Sold It For $107K At Auction

Jessica Vincent had herself a true “Antiques Roadshow” moment after she bought a vase for $3.99 at a Goodwill Store in Virginia.

Vincent says she was excited to find the heavy glass vase and was expecting to pay eight or nine bucks for it…so she was thrilled to get it for under four.

After some investigation, it turns out that this vase was worth much more. 

Wright Auctions determined that the vase was “one of the rarest works of Italian Glass in more than a decade,” and it was created by artist Carlos Scarpa 81 years ago

Vincent had already turned down an offer of $10K and decided auction was the way to go.

Auction estimates had the vase going for between $30K and $50K

The final auction price - $107K 

Good will indeed!

Source: BroBible 

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