How To Remember Someone's Name

I am the WORST with names.  I feel bad about it, and wish I could be better... 

When I first meet someone, I can remember even the smallest details of our conversation but their name's gone from my brain immediately! 

Experts say we'll never have that problem again with these tricks:

1. Meet and repeat - Try to say their name over and over again when you first meet them!

2. Spell it out - Have someone spell their name so that you can visually see their name! 

3. Associate Something with Them - Think of something to associate with their name, like something that happened or that their favorite movie is E.T.

4. Connect Them to Someone Else - Once you meet them, make sure you tie them to someone else who was there so you can even ask them what that person's name was!

5. Put it in Your Phone - Even if you don't call them, you'll at least know how to spell their name or have somewhere to find it if you ever meet them again!

SOURCE: Forbes

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