3 Guys Drove 500 Miles to Try McDonald's Pizza [VIDEO]

I love that they are singing John Denver's 'Country Roads' for most of the video!

“So a couple months ago, I googled McDonald’s pizza and an article came up from 2015 that apparently in West Virginia, they still sell McDonald’s pizza so we are going to go all the way down to West Virginia and come back and we’ll see how that goes,”

Oh the McPizza....

McPizzas made their debut on the McDonald’s menu in the late 1980s-- but due to a lack of demand, disappeared from most locations by the 1990s. But there are still just a handful of places where they're available-- and one of those places is Spencer. The pizzas, available in both personal and family sizes, are also available Pomeroy, Ohio according to a 2015 report from Eater.

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