Mike Fisher blogs about his trade to Nashville to be with wife Carrie Underwood

Mike Fisher (Centre for the Nashville Predators and husband to Carrie Underwood) wrote an awesome blog post for Derek Jeter's The Players Tribute where he opened up about his trade from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville Predators. Fisher had played for the Senators for 10 years when he heard he was going to be traded to Nashville where he could finally live in the same city at his new wife. 

"Talk about some life-changing words." "I could have been going to 28 other cities, but I was actually going to Nashville, where I could finally be with my wife full-time."

"They could have traded me anywhere, but they were genuinely looking out for me and my family. That’s what makes hockey such a special sport, even at the NHL level." 

"Yes, it’s a business, but the amount of good human beings I’ve run across in this sport is just incredible." - Mike Fisher

You'll have nothing but mad respect for the NHL after reading the blog post. Read the full post HERE


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