#BrideBlog 1

It’s my blog anniversary month! 4 years of blogging bliss! Well…that’s not 100% true. I haven’t been the most consistent blogger (probably because I HAVE to maintain a blog for my job). I guess I’ve always viewed my “work blog” as work, and not a blog I would do in my leisure. If someone tells you that you HAVE to do something it’s natural to have the urge to do the opposite or nothing at all. Pretty defiant stuff. It’s funny how the brain works that way. 

I’ve wanted to revamp my blog for a while now but I wasn’t sure what approach to take. It seems like everyone is blogging these days! I read a lot of fashion blogs, inspirational blogs, mommy blogs, makeup blogs, cooking blogs, etc. all written by smart, funny, amazing women. I’ve wondered how could I possibly start a blog when these women are already killing the blog game!? Regardless of what my mom says, there will always be women (AND men) who are bolder, wittier and better writers than I could ever dream of being. It’s when I stopped comparing my blog to all the other blogs that I realized this: IT DOESN’T MATTER. If you want to revamp your blog, you do it girl. 

So I’m doing it! I promise this is not a cat blog or a dog mom blog. However my babies are pretty cute! 

Jax (the cat) and Cash (the pup)

It’s not a running blog or a gluten free blog. Free advice…beware of the gluten curse: If you tell people you don’t think gluten allergies are real, you will develop a gluten intolerance. I digress. 

I’m revamping my blog to cover a very specific time frame. A life event that not all of us have experienced but statistically speaking, the majority of us will experience it at some point. Actually, the majority of us have already experienced it! In 2016 there were about 60.25 million married couples in the United States. On May 12, 2018 my fiancé Zeke and I will be adding to that number. Soooo, this is… YOU GUESSED IT!  A bride blog. Don’t give up now. You’ve made it this far, keep reading!

BRIDE BLOG: A place where I can share my excitement, stress, and wedding plans but more importantly this will be a place where I will ask YOU a lot of questions! I’m new at this bride thing so I really want to hear some of the great ideas you have as well as your advice! This is where I’ll go to write about failed DIY wedding decorations, when I’m stressing and need to vent and also where I’ll share a lot of love. 

My plan is to “bride blog” once a week as well as blogging my normal funny videos, country music news and all things Pittsburgh! I will title my bride blogs as #BrideBlog 1, #BrideBlog 2, #BrideBlog 3, and so on! That way the bride blog entries will be easy to find since they will be in the midst of my other blog posts.

Get ready for #BrideBlog 2 coming at ya next Wednesday! #BrideBlog 1 was mostly an intro to the blog so the real fun will start next week! 



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