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Registering for wedding gifts is suppose to be fun, right? That’s what I thought. There’s a Will & Grace episode where Grace goes with a friend to register for wedding gifts. It looked like my kind of fun. Grace was beeping everything! “You get a gravy bowl!” “You get 5 trivets!” “You get salt and pepper shakers!” I couldn’t wait to release my inner Oprah. 

I was excited to say the least. I even gave Zeke a pep talk to get him excited about registering. He said he was excited because I was excited but really he could have cared less (or so I thought).

So on Saturday, Zeke and I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to register for wedding gifts. I walked in with a clipboard and checklist in hand and an expectation in my heart. 

Twenty minutes into the process I realized that this was not a “fun” activity for me. Why does any store need 37 kitchen trashcan options? Why are Dyson vacuums so expensive? What size KitchenAid mixer do I need? I HAVE NO IDEA. To describe my experience as overwhelming would be an understatement. I started to think our mixed-matched silverware had character. Who needs matching silverware? Not us. And the pots and pans we’ve both had since college, they’re still in good shape. I was over it but Zeke was in his element. He took the reins and I assumed the supporting role.

Baby steps. It’s all about baby steps. You don’t have to register for all of your wedding gifts in one day. That was my take away from Saturday. Before we left the store I picked out 3 items that I wanted to register for: A salad spinner (nothing is worse than wet lettuce), a vacuum, and an ice cream maker. Beep, beep, and beep. It was sweet satisfaction. I left feeling accomplished.   

I found a few wedding registry checklists on Pinterest. This is the one we tried to used a guide. 

Hopefully we’ll have more checks on our list by the end of summer! Baby steps, remember?



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