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Registering Part II: Because registering for wedding gifts has consumed me. I even had a dream about my wedding registry. It was awful.   

In a perfect world, Zeke would get to register at Cabela’s (he was crushed when I told him Cabela’s doesn’t have a registry) and I would only register for items that we’re actually going to use as we start lives together. The basics, ya know? So that’s what we started to do. Minus the Cabela’s registry (however REI does have a wedding registry. Fun fact of the day).

According to every wedding registry store and website, it’s suggested to register for as many gifts as guests that you are inviting. I even read somewhere that you should register for DOUBLE the amount of guests invited! If that’s the case, we’re going to have to downsize our guest list or our cat and dog will be reaping the benefits of our holy union.

I’ve done a lot of reading and asking around about this subject and I’ve come to this conclusion: It’s all about etiquette. You register for wedding gifts because it’s proper wedding etiquette. Your guests want to give you gifts. I agree with that, but let me play devil’s advocate for a minute…

I’ve read the word “tacky” being used to describe couples who do not register for wedding gifts. My feelings are indifferent. The majority of couples getting married are millennials. We’re supposed to be the openminded generation, the ones that embrace change, the population of nonconformists! If the millennial couple doesn’t want to register for wedding gifts, so what? Maybe they’d rather you donate money to a nonprofit or give to their honeymoon fund or maybe your presence is all they want. Then again, getting married is one of the most conforming-to-society things you can do, so Zeke and I are taking the traditional approach. And because it’s fun! So fun that I’m making myself write this post just to get organized so I’ll stop having nightmares about picking out the wrong plates. The unconventional approach does make me feel better about not registering for fine china or crystal. I have yet to find any china that I love more than my grandmother’s. And honestly, how many times have you actually used that $179 crystal water goblet? If I can’t justify that for myself then I cannot ask my friends and family to purchase them for me. It must be a society stature thing that I am obviously below.  

After doing A LOT of research, I put together this wedding registry guide:

Where to start?

Pick your stores. Pick at least two different stores to register for gifts. I know as easy as it would be to register for all your gifts at one store, not all of your guests live close to a Belk. “What’s a Belk?” Don’t worry, I’ll explain later. Picking three stores is a good number. Five is a little extra. Don’t register at six, I know it’s fun, but refrain. 

I grouped stores into categories to help me decide where to register. There are 10000 places to register. These we're just a few on my radar. 

All-In-One Stores             Online Stores             Speciality Stores             Department Stores 

Bed, Bath and Beyond           Amazon                        Pottery Barn                              Belk

Target                                      Zola                             Crate and Barrel                       Macy’s

Walmart                                  Wayfair                          Sur la Table                           JC Penny

                                                                                    William Sonoma                      Nordstrom

Registering at one department store is a good place to start. Your older guests prefer buying gifts at a department store over a speciality store. All of my married friends have registered at Belk. If I still lived in North Carolina I would totally register at Belk. It’s the best! However, Belk is a Southern department store so we don’t have a Belk in Pennsylvania or in Ohio (where my fiancé is from). Another fun fact: Belk is like Macy’s in the South. The Macy’s in Raleigh is NOTHING compared to all the Macy’s in Pittsburgh. Don’t go to Macy’s if you’re in NC. You’ll be disappointed. 

You really can’t go wrong with any of the All-In-One stores. Choose 1 or 2 of these stores (if you aren’t registering at a speciality store).

Online shopping is my favorite! Of course your guests can buy gifts online from all of the stores listed above but Amazon, Zola, and Wayfair offer free shipping for gifts purchased off your registry and other added discounts and perks for your guests.

And now the speciality stores…this is where I’ve been struggling. I can’t decide! This is just my opinion, I would go to Pottery Barn for towels, linens and decor. Not dinnerware. They have dinnerware and glassware but it’s not their bread and butter. I would shop at Crate and Barrel for everyday dinnerware, serve ware and kitchen accessories. Not towels, bedding or furniture (it’s just not my stye). Sur la Table and William Sonoma specialize in everything that goes into a kitchen. Both have you covered for all of your cooking and baking needs.

To keep myself organized I’m going to choose one store for bedding and bath, one store for dinnerware, one store for kitchen electronics and tools, and possibly another store to fill in all the gaps.

Interaction time! What were your favorite wedding gifts? They can be small and sentimental, big items that were on your registry, or surprise gifts that you didn’t know you wanted but now couldn’t imagine life without! I want to hear them all! Give me some ideas :)

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