Hallelujah, LANCO released their debut album

Big is #1 for new country in this city, so it's only fair that we like to root for the new guys. 

LANCO is no exception. 

They've been around for a few years but they're heating up, particularly now that their debut album is out, Hallelujah Nights

LANCO is a country group, but HN draws somewhat of an alternative, singer-songwriter-y feel. "Born To Love You" and "Long Live Tonight" are the most alt on the record and to each their own, but I'm into it. As far as country goes, I'm a bigger fan of the more alternative-leaning stuff. So if you're like me, this album is definitely worth the listen.

But if you're not in love with that side of country music, have no fear. The Tennessee in LANCO definitely has a presence. Tracks like "Trouble Maker" and "We Do" have great pick-up, and they threw in some serious harmonica for "Middle of the Night" in case you weren't sold on the whole country thing. 

And then there songs that are a healthy blend, not unlike "Greatest Love Story," their first #1 single they released last year and a song we spin on the reg. 

Finally, the title track "Hallelujah Nights" is borderline anthemic, which can sometimes be annoying. Can I say that? I'm saying that. But because of the balance LANCO strikes between country, alternative, and IF I MAY BE SO BOLD sometimes a little bit of roots, it works. Hallelujah Nights is a mix of everything, and if you're someone that appreciates music that delivers that sort of experience, I'd give it a go. 

If you don't believe me, you can check LANCO out for yourself next month when they open up for the Chris Young: Losing Sleep Tour February 8 at The Peterson Events Center. Details below. 

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Chris Young

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