I Have A Chris Stapleton Hangover

This weekend's man of the hour was roots rock/country star, my personal favorite, Chris Stapleton. 

It started Saturday night with Stapleton as the musical guest on SNL, along with a surprise appearance from Sturgill Simpson. 

They played two songs off Stapleton's latest record, From A Room: Volume 2. Stapleton, Simpson and Will Ferrell all on the same SNL episode...let that sink in. THAT'S AWESOME. 

But then it was Sunday, and it was the Grammy's. Stapleton walked in with three nominations, the most in the genre. He was up for Best Country Song for "Broken Halos," Best Country Album for From a Room: Volume 1, and finally for Best Country Solo Performance with "Either Way."

He won all three.

Chris Stapleton was the Glen Coco of the Country genre at the Grammy's last night. Except Glen got four candy canes and Stapleton had three nominations...still. You get the point. 

Last but not least, Stapleton paid tribute to the musicians lost in 2017 with Emmylou Harris to the tune of Tom Petty's "Wildflowers." All of the memorial performances last night were well done, but this one stuck out for me (I also loved Lady GaGa but she's a different genre/breed/I could write go on about her for days/I'll spare you). 

Chris Stapleton owned the stages at both Madison Square Garden and 30 Rockefeller Center this weekend. His mix of older country with rock roots makes him so easy to be loved. Whether or not you believe in the system of the Recording Academy or award shows in general, there seems to be one overarching theme, highlighted by the weekend. The Chicago Trib said it first, but I agree: Stapleton is bringing country back.

Photos courtesy of Giphy and Getty Images.

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