Morgan Wallen Tells Fans To Buy His Album At Target After Walmart Messed Up

It was floating around social media today that a good handful of Walmart locations around the country started selling Morgan Wallen's new DANGEROUS double album. That sounds fine right? Except the album isn't supposed to be released officially until January 8th. This might not seem like a big deal to most, but when Morgan and his team have worked for months to organize all of the activities that surround the release of an album on a certain date it can be extremely frustrating to have the whole thing leak early.

Throughout the day people posted on social media about getting their hands on the album *even though the purchase was flagged as unauthorized at a bunch of locations * Songs were leaked on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok from those lucky enough to buy the album before they got pulled from shelves.

Some artists might get shook by this, but not my man Morgan Wallen. He issued a statement on social media saying that if anyone was going to leak his music, it might as well be him.

Seriously how can't you love this guy and his response 😂 He even went as far as adding Target as his location for the Instagram post.

I can't wait to hear all of this new music when the album releases on Friday - and you know damn well I will be picking up my copy at Target!

It looks like he has started to "leak" some of his songs on TikTok and Instagram. Be sure to follow along with him there as he drops more of the goods for us all week long!

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