Chick-Fil-A Employee Quits And Shares Menu Secrets On TikTok

Olivia Roberts' TikTok post (@sleepyshawtee) lets people know how to make the most out of their order at Chck-Fil-A. The 10-second video (captioned "Chick-fil-a gonna get me ... come get me,)" was posted on Wednesday has gotten over 29,600 views and 513 likes so far.

"You're allowed up to 4 sauces per MEAL even if they only give you one. They're tricking you into accepting only one," she reveals. "It's no one's pleasure, we all hate our job and they make us follow weird rules that we aren't allowed to talk about without risking our jobs."

"Complaining on the app gets you a free sandwich EVERY TIME. Complaining in person gets you annoyed,"

She explained more in a reply to a comment: "If you say you didn't get enough sauce (on the app) you will get a free sandwich, don't have to mention names."

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