Carly Pearce Posts Cryptic Pic & Stirs Questions From Eager Instagram Users

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Carly Pearce dropped a cryptic hint when she shared a few celebratory photos on Instagram on Wednesday (May 31), and many of the 29: Written in Stone artist’s followers could hardly contain themselves as they wrote eager messages in the comments.

Pearce said she “got to celebrate the end of the 29 chapter yesterday as we soaked in all that ‘what he didn’t do’ has done for me and so many of you.” She shared a photo with fellow songwriters Emily Shackelton and Ashley Gorley, in addition to a snapshot with Shackelton, Gorley, songwriter Josh Osborne (who produced the ballad with Shane McAnally) and the President and CEO of her record label, Scott Borchetta.

It was the last photo Pearce posted, however, that made Instagram users stop in their tracks.

Pearce seemingly hinted at the blurred-out image when she added in her caption: “I feel grateful and excited for what’s next. It may be closer than you think…. 🤍” The photo appears. to be the artwork for Pearce’s next song that she’ll release as she ushers in her next era of music. Some Instagram users wrote in the comments: “hello last pic,” “Can we get a lil hinty hint on the last slide thanks,” “WHAT IS THAT ARTWORK 👀👀,” and “ALSO WHAT IS THE LAST PIC BESTIE,” to name a few.

Pearce has previously shared teasers about her forthcoming era of music after releasing 29: Written in Stone in 2021, and a live version of the album earlier this year. She’s posted snippets of unreleased songs, including “We Don’t Fight Anymore” and “Trust Issues,” on social media. She said when she premiered the “What He Didn’t Do” music video that the visual signaled the end of her 29 era.

“I think what fans have shown me is they want to see how I see the world,” Pearce previously said of the inspirations for her next album, in a statement shared by her record label. “So, it’s been an interesting process of coming out of a season of my life that was so hard and transitioning into one that, yes, is so much fuller and richer, but also still a hard way to come out of. You don’t just blink your eyes one day and you’re healed, or you don’t just wake up one day and say, everything’s great, and yay! So, I think this one is just a chapter of my life that’s more navigating a new season, navigating to me, the best season of my life, honoring what I have been through, honoring that some of those things will live on with me as I carry through my life. And celebrating that I made it through in such a wonderful way.”

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