Shania Twain: 'Don’t Underestimate' Taylor Swift

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Shania Twain applauded Taylor Swift as she shared her reaction to the “Anti-Hero” pop titan’s newly-announced title as TIME’s Person Of The Year. Twain gushed that she was “glad to wake up and read this news,” as she shared her written reaction on her Instagram story on Thursday (December 7).

Twain said the Person Of The Year honor “is a huge achievement and I’m backing [Taylor Swift] all the way!” She also noted that Swift, 33, is the same age that Twain, now 58, was when her smash-hit Come On Over album and tour “became bigger than I ever thought possible, but it was a pretty overwhelming and complicated gift!

“I relate to this statement even now ‘I’ve been raised up and down the flagpole of public opinion so many times in the last 20 years,’” Twain continued. “Don’t underestimate the work and commitment this woman and plenty others have made, it never just falls into a girls hands!”

Along with Twain’s written praise for Swift was Swift’s Instagram post on Wednesday (December 6), featuring a few photos from her TIME Person of the Year cover shoot and “the biggest, loudest, most aggressively over-excited thank you,” to the publication. Another country megastar, Kenny Chesney, also paid tribute to Swift with two throwback photos and a heartfelt message on Wednesday. Chesney said Swift — who was revealed as the most-played artist on iHeartRadio across all genres in 2023, and “Anti-Hero” landed on the Top Overall Songs list — has a special gift to connect with others, and “it’s been awesome watching you shine!

Read Swift's full TIME Person Of The Year story here.

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