Ronnie Dunn Shares The Secret Behind How He Remembers Every Lyric To Hits

Ronnie Dunn is one half of the famous country duo Brooks & Dunn. Today though, Dunn was on The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his single album full of covers called ReDunn.

On Dunn's new album, there are various covers of songs from "Brown Eyed Girl" to "Amarillo By Morning." The song "Brown Eyed Girl" originally done by Van Morrison was part of the album mostly in part due to Dunn's wife. Back in the day, when Dunn was on the road and playing in Jacksonville, Florida, they would go to a club after the show and crash the stage. Dunn's wife would always ask them to cover "Brown Eyed Girl" and the crowd would freak out while they played it. Because of those moments, Dunn always had the song in his mind.

In talking about doing the cover of "Wonderful Tonight" originally done by Eric Clapton, Dunn shared that one of the biggest challenges of this record was getting into doing the recording of songs knowing they were other's songs.

Dunn is famously known for his time with Brooks & Dunn, he talked with Bobby Bones about the things they went through during their peak moments of fame. He says that the more famous the band got, the more disconnected they would feel from real life, "an unnatural feeling for me." Dunn confessed that the 'peak trouble making' for Brooks & Dunn happened when they all first went out on the road. Dunn shared that being away from home for the first time and having too much time on your hands is the perfect setup to get into things. He continued by sharing that being on the road made them "so disconnected from reality." He says he found therapy in going to the gym every day and writing songs.

While touring, Dunn talked about all of the big hits the band has. He said that everyone has their own way to remember the lyrics to every single song, but his way is having his manager Melanie talk in his ear during the songs. She cues each lyric line to him with the first word. She has always been in his ears and Dunn says that it's just muscle memory doing it that way now.

Outside of music and touring, Dunn shared that the last and only tattoo he has is from 10 years ago, it's a cowboy. The last TV show that Dunn watched was 'Seinfeld.' And Dunn did go to Prom in high school, only one during his junior year.

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