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Experts Say These Are the Unhealthiest Items in Your Freezer

Frozen food aisle in grocery store

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Frozen foods are great in a pinch, but here are a few you might want to avoid. A nutritionist ranked the UNHEALTHIEST things that might be sitting in your freezer right now. Here's what they say . . .


1. TV dinners. They're usually light on vegetables and loaded with salt. So look for low-sodium versions with lots of veggies.

 2. Frozen pizzas. Most of them are loaded with salt and saturated fat. In general, thin-crust is better than thick. And you should opt for veggie pizzas instead of things like pepperoni and sausage. Hot Pockets and pizza rolls also made the list.

 3. Frozen pot pies. They taste good for a reason. They're one of the highest-calorie and highest-fat options in the freezer aisle.

 4. Corn dogs. You know that hot dogs aren't healthy. So obviously wrapping one in sugary batter doesn't help.

 5. Frozen French fries. They're not much better for you than the ones you get at McDonald's.

 6. Sweet-and-sour chicken. There's a ton of added sugar.

 7. Frozen toaster pastries. Meaning things like Pillsbury Toaster Strudel that are basically straight sugar. Same goes for most frozen baked goods, like cinnamon rolls and Eggo Waffles. 

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