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The Most Popular Desserts In Each State

Creamy Chocolate Fudge. American cuisine. Gourmet dessert. Isolated on white background.

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The company Coventry Direct recently set out to determine the most popular DESSERT in every state, and they did it by analyzing Google search data.

 In the end, ice cream was #1 in FIVE states, which was more than any other dessert. Those five are: Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., which isn't actually a state, of course.

 Jell-O, of all things, was #1 in four states: Idaho, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

 Texas sheet cake was also #1 in four states . . . but not Texas: Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, and Ohio. Instead, Texas loves pecan pie . . . along with Arkansas and Oklahoma. 

 Three other desserts had three states each: Brownies . . . carrot cake . . . and funnel cake. 

Check out the full list HERE.

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