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Experts Say The Coffee You Drink Reveals This About Your Personality

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Experts say that apparently you coffee order can reveal these things about your personality:

1. Black coffee. You're focused, determined, and self-sufficient. But you also tend to be selfish at times.

2. Latte. You like to keep things simple, and probably aren't that adventurous. But you're mild-mannered, agreeable, and happy to go with the flow.

3. Cappuccino. You're probably more fun than a latte drinker. You're open-minded and not afraid to try new things.

4. Espresso. You're adventurous, powerful, and no-nonsense. So you're not afraid to cut to the chase and tell people what you want.

 5. Mocha. You're extroverted, outgoing, and maybe a LOUD person in general. There's a good chance you're the life of the party.

 6. Iced coffee. If it's a hot day, you probably just want to cool down. But if you order it in winter, you're a "misfit" who likes to go against the grain.

 7. Coffee with flavored syrups. You're adventurous and not afraid of change. But if you order Pumpkin Spice Lattes, you also feel a strong need to be accepted. 


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