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Streaming Service Looking To Pay People To Binge On True Crime Shows

Crime scene investigation. Forensic science specialist working on human remains identification.

Photo: Getty Images

MagellanTV streaming service wants to pay several people $2,400 to binge on some murder shows.  

The  "True Crime Watch Dream Job" has a requirement for hopefuls... to make sure "They can handle the most menacing serial killer, the goriest details, and don't flinch at the chilling paranormal." 

Sound like the job for you??

MagellanTV is a documentary streaming service that has done this promotional job for several years now, but it keeps getting more lucrative. People selected must binge and then post about their experience on social media.  

The people selected must watch 32 films of shocking murders, mysterious disappearances and internet scams, starting with "Murder Maps: The Bermondsey Horror," about the 1849 murder in London. The must complete their bingeing list in 48 hours so you can sleep (if you dare).  

If this is all you... fill out the application on why you're a perfect fit HERE by April 18th. 

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