There's An "Invisible Man" That Was Caught Running Away On Google Maps

Well this is pretty bizarre. On Google Maps, you can see what appears to be an invisible man running away when he realizes he's being photographed.

It all goes down at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and starts at the intersection of 5th Street and Market Street. There, what looks like a man in white coveralls crouches in the middle of the road. If you navigate down Market Street, in the next picture, he is taking off, running away, but his hands, feet and head are invisible. In subsequent photos, he turns back, raises his arms in the air as if to give up, but then takes off again.

It gets weirder still. Farther down Market Street, he continues to run but then seemingly turns into a bird that has no head. It flies down the street and with each picture slowly disappears until it vanishes.

Don't they usually just blur out the faces of people who end up on Google Maps? Maybe they're trying something new here? Doesn't explain the person turning into a headless bird though! Any idea what's going on here? Let me know what you think!

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