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These are the 10 Most Sleep-Inducing Country Songs According to Study

A new study came up with the country songs that are most likely to put you to SLEEP, and there's actually some science behind it. They compared the features of each song to different lullabies. 

 Here are the top ten . . .

1.  "Girl Crush" by Little Big Town. It's sleepier than most classical songs.

2.  "Burning House" by Cam. It was a very close second.

3.  "Better Together" by Luke Combs

4.  "Mercy" by Brett Young

5.  "Blue Ain't Your Color" by Keith Urban

6.  "One Man Band" by Old Dominion

7.  "Rumor" by Lee Brice

8.  "Somebody's Problem" by Morgan Wallen

 9.  "Written in the Sand" by Old Dominion

10.  "Beautiful Crazy" by Luke Combs

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