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Here's The Top Halloween Costumes People Are Googling Right Now

Google's "Costume Wizard" feature is back for Halloween. That's where you dial in how spooky, trendy, and unique you want your costume to be. It's supposed to pick the "perfect" one based on Google data.

 It's part of their "Frightgeist" feature that tracks the most popular costume ideas nationally and locally. Here are the top costumes in the U.S. right now . . .

 1. So far this year, the ten most-searched costumes overall are: Witch, Spider-Man, dinosaur, "Stranger Things", fairy, pirate, rabbit, cheerleader, cowboy, and Harley Quinn.

2. The five top-trending costumes in the past week are all from movies and shows:  "Daredevil" . . . "Princess Diaries" . . . "Monster High" . . . "The Purge" . . . and Starfire from "Teen Titans".

3. The top-trending partner costumes are: Tiffany and Chucky . . . Ross and Rachel . . . Wall-E and Eve . . . Joe and Love from the Netflix show "You" . . . and Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole from "Parks and Recreation".

 4. The top group costumes we've been googling are: Dominoes, Pac-Man, Super Mario, crayons, and Ninja Turtles. 

New York Comic Con 2022 - Day 3

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