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Survey Says Four Days Is the Max for Staying as a Guest in Someone's Home

Here's a question that'll become relevant this weekend: What's the maximum amount of time you can stay in someone's home as a guest before it gets annoying?

According to a new survey, the answer is FOUR DAYS. 49% of people said that's the cutoff. Here are a few more quick stats on holiday houseguests . . .

1. Hosting messes with your sleep. The average host loses two-and-a-half hours of sleep a night in the days leading up to it.


2. Guests don't sleep well either. 75% of us feel like we have to go to bed and wake up at the same time as the hosts, even if we're jetlagged.


3. The best houseguests are Baby Boomers. The poll found they're the most likely to be considerate and clean up after themselves.


4. Young people don't feel weird about sleeping in the same bed, even under their parents' roof. Most Gen Xers and Millennials still kinda do. But 70% of Gen Zers don't feel awkward about it.


5. 7% of people HIDE THEIR VALUABLES when they have guests, just to make sure nothing gets stolen. 


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