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These Are The Secrets The Christmas Tree Industry Doesn't Tell You

Young couple lifting Christmas tree into car boot

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Turns out getting a live Christmas tree for the holidays is no easy task like it looks in the movies and it turns out because there's a "BIG Christmas Industry!"

According to the actual people who sell Christmas trees every year, there are some actual insider tips that will not only save you money on your Christmas tree this year, but also a lot of time from maintaining your tree.

Here are some of the "secrets:"

  • You probably can’t haggle a better price - The Christmas tree industry only has a few weeks to make its sales on this once-a-year purchase, so some folks think they can wheel and deal their way to a bargain price, but trees are already priced based on height and density before they get to the tree lot.
  • Not all types of trees are easy to keep looking fresh - One Christmas tree vendor says their favorite is the Fraser Fir because it retains its needles better than a Colorado Spruce or a Balsam. Another Christmas tree specialist advises, “Make sure you get a tree with short, wide stubbly needles as these tend to hold onto moisture longer.
  • Avoid buying your tree at certain stores - Big box stores may not be the best place to shop for your Christmas tree, according to the experts.
  • You can even go wrong with an artificial tree - If you want to avoid shedding needles, artificial may be the way to go, but there are still things to keep in mind. An artificial Christmas tree manufacturer says flocked trees, the ones covered in fake snow, are a pain to make and pack away.

You can read more about the insider secrets HERE, but we might just stick with the fake tree we call "Old Reliable" every year!

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