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New Study Says The Most Annoying Sound In The World Is A Noisy Neighbor

Young couple stares at the ceiling and yells because a neighbor upstairs is having a party with loud music or renovating an apartment and workers are drilling with heavy tools. Nise pollution concept

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Do you deal with a noisy neighbor on a consistent basis? Turns out you're not alone and it might actually be impacting your physical health!

According to a new study, the sound of noisy neighbors is actually the most annoying sound in the world, which includes the "thudding sounds of people walking around," "building construction," and "dropping things on the floor."

The even weirder thing is that researchers discovered that impact sounds like these can potentially trigger cardiovascular problems and sleep disturbances

Noisy and inconsiderate neighbors aren’t just a problem for someone’s ears and quality of life — a new study finds their constant annoying sounds may even cause heart disease!

So it might be worth thinking over moving to a corner or rooftop apartment - or a house of course - just for your physical health!

To read more from the study you can go HERE!

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