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Here Are The Top New Year's Resolutions People Are Making For 2023

We're on Day 3 of the new year . . . is your resolution still intact?

 A poll leading up to New Year's found 37% of us were planning to make a resolution this year, and another 17% said they might. Here are the top ten resolutions we made for 2023, according to the poll . . .


1. Save money. That was harder to do last year thanks to things like inflation.

2. Be healthier in general.

3. Work out more.

4. Eat better.

5. Lose some weight. So four of the top five are about health.

6. Try to be happier in general.

7. Pay down debt.

8. Improve your mental health.

9. Spend more time with family.

10. Learn something new.

Young woman performs yoga moves in living room

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