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Hotels Are Now Charging Guests $50 To Use the Mini-Fridge

Everyone knows the mini bar at hotels is a good way to burn a whole paycheck on three beers and a bottle of water. But have you seen THIS policy yet? 

Someone on Reddit posted a photo after they stayed at a Marriott in Florida . . . and there was a sign on the mini-fridge that said they'd be charged $50 if they put any of their OWN stuff in it.

Quote, "The refreshment center is on a sensor. Use of the refreshment center for personal storage will automatically incur a $50 charge."  (Here's the photo.)

In other words, it looks like they're now charging to make sure you don't buy your OWN stuff and keep it in there to save money.

There's another line at the bottom that says guests can call the front desk for, quote, "refrigerator requests." So some people think that means you can request an ACTUAL fridge for free. But Marriott hasn't commented.

If they do charge, a few people mentioned a hack to get around it. Call the front desk and tell them you need a fridge to store your medication. They'll probably let you use the mini-fridge, or bring you another fridge for free. 

(Yahoo / Mirror)

Man Hand opened mini small refrigerator and reached drinking plastic water bottle under the wood counter in the hotel resort bedroom.

Photo: Getty Images

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