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Every Announcement Made By James Gunn For Chapter 1 Of The DCU

There might be a glimmer of hope for DC superheroes because James Gunn just revealed the first phase or chapter of DC Studios movie and show lineup and it kind of slaps!

Gunn was recently made co-chief of the newly created DC Studios and earlier this week revealed what he has planned for the universe of shows and movies, which includes movies that are coming out this year, Matt Reeves' Batman movies, and a new lineup of superhero projects.

Some of the highlights from the reveal include the announcement that movies like Robert Pattinson's The Batman and Joaquin Phoenix's Joker will be labeled "DC Elseworlds" projects like how the X-Men movies used to be back in the day.

On top of that we also found out that the following projects will be coming out in the near-future with a new Superman movie kicking off what Gunn calls "Chapter One: Gods and Monsters:"


  • Superman: Legacy - A new Superman movie with James Gunn attached to write.
  • The Authority - Will mark the live-action debut of Wildstorm on screen
  • The Brave and the Bold - A Batman movie set in the DCU that also includes Damien Wayne suiting up as Robin
  • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow - Supergirl is getting another theatrical attempt in theaters!
  • Swamp Thing - Based on the DC character that has had previous live-action adaptations in recent years.

TV Shows:

  • Creature Commandos - An animated series with Gunn attached as a writer based on a team of "monstrous prisoners."
  • Waller - Starring Viola Davis this series will take place in between Peacemaker Season One and its eventual second season.
  • Paradise Lost - Will work sort of as a prequel to Wonder Woman's story set in Themyscira. (Gunn called it "Game of Thrones meets DC")
  • Lanterns - Will feature both Hal Jordan AND Jon Stewart in a detective series set in space (Gunn called it "True Detective meets DC")
  • Booster Gold - Based on a time traveler who uses future technology to appear like a superhero in the past.

You can see Gunn's entire reveal below!

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