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An iPhone Glitch is Making People Late for Work

Apple iPhone during iOS update

Photo: Shubhashish5 / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

iPhone users are complaining about a glitch that is making them late for work. Apparently their phone keeps turning off overnight which is preventing their alarm from going off.

Some users are complaining on Reddit and one user commented that there might be an issue with the phone turning off at night or spontaneously rebooted.

"Check your battery settings and see if there is a gap during the night. Yesterday a lot of iPhones turned off for a few hours during the night. In my case the phone turned back on 1 minute before the alarm."

If you want to check to see if your phone turned off overnight go to settings> Battery? and then check the charging status over the last 24 hours. If there's a gap, the iphone turned off.

Reports are saying the issue is affecting the iPhone 15, but some other models are having issues too so it might be an iOS issue.

Source: LadBible// MacRumors

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