Are Boneless Wings Just Chicken Tenders?

This has been going around a LOT today. A guy named Ander Christensen recently stepped up at a city council meeting to voice his concerns over the term "boneless wings." At first it sounded like he was about to make a detailed pitch about a very serious topic, like one of the many that we hear about in the news day after day. But after a few phrases reflecting on the seriousness of the issue, he let us know that his gripe was over the use of the term boneless wings.

I don't disagree with the man. Chicken wings traditionally are bone in and we love them - but the composition of a "boneless wing" is nothing comparable to the bone-in style. Here's where I don't agree with him though...boneless wings aren't chicken tenders either. Chicken tenders are longer and larger pieces in my mind. I wouldn't call them chicken nuggets either, because we are used to getting those at fast food restaurants and in our old school lunches. I think the best name we can come up with to replace boneless wings is either "popcorn chicken" or "chicken bites". It's unique enough that we know what they are without confusing them with something else.

Shoutout to this guy for bringing this issue up a world with so much happening it's nice to debate a topic like this instead.

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