Morgan Wallen Has Been Pulled as an SNL Performer For Breaking Covid Rules

Country star Morgan Wallen was scheduled to be Saturday Night Live’s musical guest this weekend (October 10), but he says he’s been uninvited from the show due to COVID-19 protocols. The singer was widely criticized yesterday when video surfaced of him appearing to party with no mask and kiss people in a crowd. - Variety

Morgan took to his Instagram to post a heartfelt apology where he accepted the blame and also mentioned that he would be stepping out of the spotlight to work on himself.

I totally get why SNL pulled the plug on his performance, but the way people are going after Morgan kinda proves that people love to get angry about everything these days. In the last few hours I have seem some nasty, ridiculous comments about this man and his family. Did he make a mistake? Sure...but the way everyone wants to completely ruin the life of someone who made a mistake is absolutely absurd. Trust me, most of us worship some pretty unsavory characters and this man is NOT one of them. I am wishing the best to Morgan as he takes a step back to focus on finding himself again. Maybe all of us should do the same.