BIZARRE VIDEO: Zamboni Catches On Fire In The Middle Of A Hockey Rink

13WHAM News Brighton, N.Y. — No one was hurt Wednesday night when a Zamboni burst into flames - as it was being operated - at the Bill Gray's Regional Iceplex.
Management at the iceplex say a hose on the machine broke, leaking fluid on the motor.
The Brighton Fire Department responded and quickly put it out.
Hockey players were off the ice during the incident. No one was injured.

I have been in a lot of ice rinks in my day and I have seen a lot of things.....this is NOT one of those things. Can't even imagine being in the arena when I realize that the zamboni is just UP IN FLAMES! I have absolutely no idea how the dude driving the thing was ok. I mean the whole zamboni is engulfed in flames and my man's primary concern is getting the thing off the sheet of ice so the next game can start. Here are a few other angles of the fire:

Just a crazy scene. It reminds me of that time back in 2008 when a Zamboni at the old Mellon Arena started leaking hydraulic fluid before a game and it caused this massive delay. Here's what that looked like