A JUCO Football Team Tried To Run On Out Of The Tunnel With A Chainsaw

Referees at a Mississippi junior college football game had to step in to prevent a team from bringing an active, running chainsaw to the sidelines on Thursday. Yes, you read that correctly. 
The chainsaw belongs to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and was put away prior to the team's game against Jones College.
Video of the moment shows senior defensive tackle Brian Merritt about to lead his team out of the tunnel while revving the large chainsaw. A coach runs in front of the group of players and responds to something said off-screen, and then tells the senior player to stop revving the chainsaw. The rest of the dialogue was reported by Sun Herald photojournalist Alyssa Newton. - CBS Sports

No chainsaws on the sidelines? What kind of fun is that?! I totally understand how wild junior college football can be - trust me I am a huge fan of Last Chance U on Netflix haha