The NHL Will Hold 2 Scenic Outdoor Games At Lake Tahoe In February

After some rumors swirled on social media, it has been confirmed that the NHL will take 2 games outside in February.

From Sportsnet:
According to multiple sources, the NHL is beginning its Mystery, Alaska experiment, with four teams as part of a unique two-game, two-day “Outdoor Weekend” showcase at Lake Tahoe. Edgewood Tahoe Resort, home of the popular celebrity golf tournament, is hosting these games, which will be played around the 16th, 17th and 18th holes.
The NHL, searching for something different in a season where fan involvement will be extremely limited, scouted several locations for a scenic event. Right after the Edmonton bubble, there was a trip to Lake Louise, AB — but signage limits on government property nixed that. Another option was Park City, Utah.
Fans will not be in attendance, with the number of people limited to about 400 — basically the teams’ travelling parties and whoever is needed to work. It will give television different opportunities to broadcast the games, such as drone cameras.

Some people have criticized this idea by the NHL, calling it a money grab and unnecessary the midst of a pandemic. I think those people are just looking for something to be angry about. The usual NHL outdoor games can't happen this year and for the most part fans won't be in attendance at most arenas, so I have zero problem with them trying this out instead. It will look so cool on TV to have legit NHL teams playing in the middle of the mountains or wherever else they might decide to play in the future. The games this year will take place on back to back days and will be broadcast on national tv. Those games are:

Saturday February 20th - Vegas Golden Knights vs Colorado Avalanche

Sunday February 21st - Philadelphia Flyers vs Boston Bruins

I get heavy Mystery Alaska vibes from this idea....speaking of....if you are a hockey fan who has never seen that movie I HEAVILY recommend it!