It's Been 20 Years Since We Lost Dale Earnhardt Sr.

20 years ago today, the world suffered through one of the most monumental losses in sports history.

In the 2 decades since Dale's death, we have seen so many accidents in NASCAR that are arguably even worse than what happened that day. The advances in safety measures across all 3 or NASCAR's national touring series have prevented future tragedies from happening again.

ESPN recently wrote a great 4-part piece on the legacy of Dale Earnhardt that accompanied a special E60 documentary that highlighted the advancements in safety that I mentioned above.

Last year, Kenny Schrader joined Dale Jr. on his podcast. Although they didn't talk extensively about the accident that killed Dale Sr, a special message was shared between the two. Dale Jr. talks about how Ken Schrader was the very first person to encounter Dale in the car after that accident that they were both involved in.

I will never forget the images of Dale Earnhardt Jr. winning at the same track where his father was killed just a few months later.

Long live the Intimidator!

Dale Earnhardt...

Dale Earnhardt...