Part 1 Of Call Of Duty's Warzone Event Was A Mixed Bag

After a full year of dropping into Verdansk, #Warzone players are ready to jump into a new map. Today's event was hyped up to launch the old map into the sunset, or at least initiate a major change in the makeup of the game. From the jump there seemed to be issues that kept some of the biggest streamers from unveiling the new intel. Players were lagging out, games were crashing and people were becoming frustrated. After a little while, the big countdown was finally on, and the cut scene was ultimately pretty underwhelming. There is more to come as more clues are being released at different hours, and the full new map unveil will be coming soon.

Before people throw hate my way for blogging about this, I will get ahead and tell you that A LOT of people care about video games - particularly this one. That is undoubtedly fueled by the additional time at home throughout the last 365+ days, but hundreds of thousands of people were tuned in to various events today which ultimately proves my point. People care!

Here's a look at some of the highlights from the event: