Someone Started A Fake Rumor That Sheetz Was Adding A New Store In Oakland

Someone woke up on Saturday and chose to create a little chaos - starting a rumor that Sheetz was building a new store right in the heart of Oakland along Forbes Avenue. I'm not sure if this Twitter account is the actual source of the turmoil, but I saw this particular tweet quoted a bunch on my timeline...

Of course seeing something like that got people all wound up - because honestly it makes a TON of sense. I mean think about how busy a Sheetz in Oakland would be basically all the time...especially on the weekends. That place would be like a war zone. But would probably bring in a TON of $$$$$$. I even thought that getting a store without gas pumps in the Oakland area would make sense. I am 95% sure that they have those near IUP and Slippery Rock and heck there's a standalone GetGo in Southside without gas too. So this was a very believable rumor.

So all it took to completely fake all of us out was a simple laminated sign with a Sheetz logo on it that someone made on PowerPoint. Ok ok our bad.....all we needed to do was just a litttttleeee bit of research to realize that there are already plans to build an apartment building/commercial space on that lot.

What a chaotic 24 hours for Oakland residents though. Maybe someday they will get a Sheetz location there...or maybe GetGo swoops in amidst the hype - I think either one would print money there.

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