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Ranking The Best And Worst NHL Retro Reverse Jerseys

The NHL and Adidas unveiled their not so secret Retro Reverse jersey series earlier today. The concept was to take a historic look from every NHL franchise's past and reverse the color scheme/modernize it using their new jersey template. Not a terrible idea considering the fact that NHL fans are constantly begging for new on ice looks. Over the past few weeks pictures of some of the new jerseys began leaking online, including a leak of the pens jersey that I blogged about back then. Of course there were going to be some sweet looks that were brought out of retirement, but you also had the duds that really didn't do anything to excite me. Here are what I consider the 5 best and the 5 worst new looks:

Best of the Best

#1 - Colorado Avalanche

These things are absolutely PERFECT. The retro style of the old Quebec Nordiques jerseys reincarnated with the modern Avalanche color scheme. They knocked this think out of the park.

#2 - Los Angeles Kings

Any time you can get the purple and gold color scheme involved with the Kings it's a yes from me Dawg

#3 - Carolina Hurricanes

Another great example of taking the franchise history into account. The Hartford Whalers logo is absolutely one of the best logos ever created in major sports and it needs to stay on the ice even if the franchise is located in North Carolina now.

#4 - Minnesota Wild

Bringing the iconic North Stars color scheme into the modern era. I think it would be sweet if the wild just made this their full time color scheme.

#5 - Washington Capitals

I know I'm supposed to hate the Caps, but this is exactly how the concept was supposed to work. Bring back an iconic logo from Ovechkin's early years and spice it up with the current color palette. These will look so sharp on the ice when they are hopefully losing to the Pens.

Worst Of The Worst

#1 - Detroit Redwings

These look like practice jerseys. I get that most of their jersey templates are pretty simple but is this really the best they could come up with?

#2 - Dallas Stars

I like that they wanted to bring back this classic concept, but again the lack of color makes it feel like a practice jersey to me.

#3 - Pittsburgh Penguins (sigh)

I seriously considered putting this as the #1 worst. We knew this is what the jersey was going to look like after it leaked a few weeks ago - and I was pretty disappointed with it back then. People salivate over the diagonal "PITTSBURGH" jersey from the 1990's and I think it mostly has to do with the iconic 'Gin N Juice' Video from Snoop. If it wasn't for that video these jerseys would be vague memory and not much more. I have been BEGGING for a jersey that includes the robo pigeon logo from the 90's before the Crosby & Malkin era ends and this was the PERFECT time to do it. Plus, the shoulder patch on this one......not great. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

#4 - New York Islanders

All they needed to do was bring back the fisherman logo and they didn't do it. This jersey is basically the same as their most recent ones anyway.

#5 - Philadelphia Flyers

The striping of this jersey is a disaster really. Maybe it's just because I am trained to hate that flyer logo though.

Jerseys That People Will Hate But Are Actually Pretty Good

Anaheim Ducks, Arizona Coyotes

Classic looks revived. They look ugly to some but I dig it!

Honorable Mentions

Calgary Flames, St. Louis Blues, Buffalo Sabres

These didn't crack my top 5, but I really like the look of each of these too. They will look sharp out there

For a full breakdown of this whole project, the folks over at Icethetics did a great job with the details as they always do.

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